Buyers Check List

Item #1: Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

I cannot stress the importance for you to get pre-approved, not pre-qualified, for a mortgage prior to looking for a home. No matter what you may be purchasing I think the majority of us need to make sure we have the available funds before the transaction. Buying a home is exactly the same, secure the approval, start shopping, and pick and Agent capable of facilitating the transaction with ease.

Item #2: Not Being aware of your Mortgage options

Take a look at the Mortgage package, ensure that you are getting the best possible package, and be careful about only fixating on a rate solely. In reality we all want our monthly cost as low as possible, but we all also want options as well.

Item #3.  Using a certified Professional

The dollar value of an inspection is quite low given the price of the property you are purchasing. Ultimately it's your decision, but the protection and piece of mind your can obtain from that decision in invaluable.

Item #4.  Not Using A Professional Real Estate Agent.

You are likely making the biggest financial commitment and decision in your lifetime. Having an Agent such as myself that can facilitate the trade, ensure for a smooth process in your desired timeline is a must. Almost every bad experience starts with using the wrong person or tool for the job, let me help you avoid that outcome.  

Item #5.  Buying First Before Selling

If price is important you should always sell your present home before buying another.  It has the advantage in letting you know exactly how much money you will have available for your next purchase.  Selling your home first allows you to place fewer conditions on your purchase which makes your offer more attractive to a seller.  They often will demand more money to take a “subject to” offer which takes their home off the market.  The other advantage is if you find a terrific house, chances are others will find that home attractive as well. So having financial options financially that are not reliant on your selling your current home can be extremely beneficial.

Items #6. Not Knowing The Full Cost Of Home Buying

You should be fully aware of all closing costs prior to making any decisions. This is particularly critical a time of offer, however this should have been discussed well before that ever happens.

Scott Henry
Scott Henry